Mission Statement

We work with the Art or Design student to elevate the creativity without suffocating his/her individual style. 


Drawing skills displayed in an entry portfolio is the primary means for communication of ideas and Number One requirement at portfolio review for Architecture and Design programs.  The need for precise communication distinguishes Design Drawing from expressive Drawing.

Once enrolled in an university program we want you to focus on ideas and show creativity rather than struggling with basic technicalities and tools.  We strengthen your self-confidence.


Our course content is curated with an enjoyable and relaxed approach.  Here, we focus on helping you further develop your design eye and drawing techniques. 

Courses are led by Vassil Popvassilev, professional Artist, Industrial, Graphic Designer and Design Educator.


Vassil taught 12 years Drawing and Industrial Design Studio at the Faculty of Design of the renowned OCAD University in Toronto.  See Vassil's Bio 

Our online sessions offer a structured approach to learning specific techniques and concepts.  (see Courses)




With OCAD University students.