First we want to hear from you about your intended academic or artistic objectives.  This session is free of charges.

This information helps us to define and elaborate the steps needed to streamline the work on your portfolio within the available time frame.  The following propositions guide us in this process: 

- The chosen field (for candidates for Art or Design programs). 

- Selection of art/design work images indicating direction, scope, interests, strength and errors.

- The preparation time available   

- In Art/ Design programs drawing and practice on the concepts will be part of the curriculum anyways.  What we offer is a set of methodical exercises leading to advanced knowledge of the basic concepts and strengthening of the skills.  

- The need to complete your portfolio with strong pieces, reflecting YOUR OWN creative nature.


My “custom-tailored” proposal is divided in 5 chapters.  Every chapter will have 6 sessions online – once or twice a week, 50 minutes duration (Skype or Viber).  During the sessions I explain the concept/s, demonstrate techniques allowing you to practice simultaneously, I provide visual material (images, pdf files, PowerPoint), literature (reading), I assign homework that is forwarded to me, I recommend exercises.  Every chapter ends with a project leading to one-two portfolio piece/s.

The price per chapter is $270 CAD ($45 per session).

Note: Download the Student's Registration Form from this page and forward it to Bravoportfolio by email.


Check the list of tools and materials needed for this course.

Level 2  (Advanced)

$250 / One course (8 Classes)


It is recommended and others have found it very useful to repeat levels 1 & 2 due to some difficulties and the amount of information taught in each level.

Basic Observational and Analytical Drawing


  • basic perspective

  • line quality

  • light/dark study and surface modeling


Medium: graphite, charcoal, marker

$250 / Course (8 Classes)

Conceptual Drawing


  • advanced prespective

  • light resolution/ shade and shadow

  • form and space

  • colour charts

  • composition

  • composite images


Medium: graphite, marker, crayons.  Although the course is largely based on hand-generated drawing, for some classes, students will be encouraged to bring a laptop with Adobe Creative Suite.


Note: Students must bring their own materials (drawing/sketching pad, graphite, charcoal).  For markers and crayons download the attached list (suppliers: Curry's, Aboveground, Gwartzman, Michaell's).

Approximate cost of materials is $100, most of them are capable of being used for a long period of time.


Our classes are taught in block format.  We hold 2 blocks / year of the same course, each of them of 2 sessions (refer to the Schedule tab).  A class length is 2 academic hours (1.5 hours).  


For best results, students are encouraged to enroll in the full course.  Please call us to inquire for private classes.