Chapter 1: Head/ Figure/ Motion

- Proportions, Charts

- Foreshortening.  Human figure in action

- People in perspective.  “Populating” the spatial field of your drawing.


Chapter 2: Perspective/ Fundamentals and Variables

- Perspective by approximation

- Build-up a perspective sketch – interior/exterior

- Constructed Perspective

- Landscape and cityscape


Chapter 3: Constructive drawing

- Basic geometric solids in 1pt, 2pt, 3pt perspective

- Derivatives, manipulated figures, your own creation

- The everyday objects and accessories, furniture, creative still-life

- Cars, vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft.  Imaginative, explorative ideation.


Chapter 4: Light resolution

- Light dark study of objects.  Types of light

- Surface modeling

- Media exercises for tonal, form and shade/shadow studies


Chapter 5: Form categories and combinations. 

- Definitions and free interpretation of form categories

- Composition: form strength, visual force, depth, impact, unity/variety, balance

- Combinatorial exercises:

a) monochrome

b) dry techniques – graphite, marker, crayon

c) wet media – watercolor

d) computer manipulation – Photoshop

Note:  Bravoportfolio reserves the right to modify the content of the chapters according to the individual needs.  In some cases a repetition of a chapter may be recommended.